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Tai Chi
Basic Sequence


Tai Chi

Regarding Tai Chi in general, I'd love to tell you that I have a wealth of information to share on this topic, as on the other four arts that I am most familiar with.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  Here is the one link I found that I liked the best:

Little Mountain Tai Chi Club

From this one link, you can spend many hours exploring a wide variety of other Tai Chi links.

This is my history as a Yang Style practitioner:  I first studied with a graduate student from China (Masters in Exercise Physiology) who was enrolled at NLU (now the University of Louisiana at Monroe).  I studied with him for about a year (off and on) but could not quite learn the form.  At the end of the year he said I would not ever be any good at Tai Chi (because of my previous training in "hard styles" and, also, the intermittent quality of my training.).  The pose to the right appears to be a version of "Part the Wild Horse's Mane"

Several years passed, and then I had the opportunity to train with Yang Style Master Xingyao Dai.  Master Dai helped me to make great progress in the six months that I studied with him.  However, I moved to Dallas because of career changes.  I am not aware of any web pages that Master Dai might have.  The link listed above, however, most closely resembles what Master Dai taught.


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