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The Dancing Tiger Exercise System was originally developed in the April of 1997 and first presented to the public at the Annual Gathering of American Mensa Limited in early July of 1998.  (This was the CDAG (Cincinnati-Dayton AG) held in Cincinnati, Ohio.)  

Dancing Tiger Exercises are a combination of movements from the Kripalu school of Hatha Yoga,   Yang Style Tai Chi, Karate, and Aikido.  The Aikido movements were not part of the system in 1997 and were added in the summer of 1998.

The Dancing Tiger Exercise System presents a series of exercises that can be completed in approximately one to two hours.  These exercises emphasize mobility and balance.  The system can be learned at any age by an able bodied participant.  The system is especially adapted for participation by seniors and older adults. 

Of course, consult your physician prior to engaging in any new form of exercise.

Be sure to bring a mat or blanket to class and to wear loose fitting clothes that permit extensive bending and stretching.  I don't sell mats, but Yoga Pro is the best source of mats and props.

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