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Tai Chi
Basic Sequence


Yoga Links

My original teacher of Hatha Yoga (Kripalu) is Dy Jordan who lives in West Monroe Louisiana.  I am not aware of any web links that she may have.  Here are some other links to excellent Yoga training centers located in Dallas.

The pose to the right is the one that I was taught as "Strength and Courage"  Don't be afraid, we use a wall as a prop.

  • My favorite place for Yoga supplies and props is Yoga Pro.  I have a Yoga Pro and love it!  I highly recommend it; it is worth every penny.  (But like all equipment, you have to use it to benefit from it.)

  •  I no longer live in Dallas, but the links below are useful if you visit, or move, there and wish to participate in Yoga.

Oasis Physical Conditioning Center

Alice Ann Dailey

11661 Preston Rd Ste 184
Dallas, TX 75230-6613
214-692-6335; fax



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