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Tai Chi
Basic Sequence



First of all, you heard it here first!  The name "Dancing Tiger" was blatantly stolen from the Shotokan style of Karate.  This name, however, is something of a pun in the case of my exercise system.  Our "Dancing Tigers" are a bit more likely to be "graying panthers." 

Update for 2003:  In addition to the information and training described below, I have been training in Kali with Mr. Winterbottom who is associated with Bakbakan and who is an instructor under Paul Vunak.  I also train in Gojuryu Karate, now, with Sensei A. D. "Tony" Lingo (who, like my Shotokan instructor, described below, has taught since the 1960's).  Sensei Lingo's teacher is Dr. Joseph Artesi.  In Gojuryu I hold the introductory rank of Yellow Belt. 

If you participate in Dancing Tiger Exercise with me, you'll likely have at least a chance to play with the Kali sticks a little, and perhaps a movement or two from Gojuryu.

I only lay claim to the names "Dancing Tiger Exercise", "Dancing Tiger Exercises", and "Dancing Tiger Exercise System".  So, without any question, I am not pretending to be teaching Shotokan Karate.  (I'm not qualified.)  I'm also not qualified as a teacher of either Gojuryu or any Kali system.

My target audience isn't young guys capable of breaking bricks with their bare hands and running marathons for fun.  Instead, we've adapted some movements for out of shape middle aged folks to get a little prophylactic exercise.

Unfortunately, my Shotokan Instructor, Thomas Fields, Jr, MD does not have a web page.  His school is located in Monroe, Louisiana, and members join at this time by invitation only. During my studies with Dr. Fields, in the mid 1990's, I earned the rank of Purple Belt, 4th Kyu.

Dr. Fields instructor is Mikami Sensei, and Dr. Fields has studied and taught Karate since the early 1960's (nearly 40 years).

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